Teach Our Children Well

All of our lives are busy. Struggling to make end meet and getting the children to various activities that they are involved in is an everyday thing for most people. But scurrying around creates a very hectic and stressful life … and we wonder why we are not happy? We are stressed, our children are stressed—even the dog is stressed.


Our children can suffer the most from this chaotic lifestyle we call the American dream. All too often the static’s are not good. We have children with extreme anxiety, drug problems and eating disorders. Our children are struggling under the pressure of this frantic lifestyle that we have created in an attempt to make them well-rounded, upwardly mobile adults.


What is to be done to stop the madness? When I was growing up, I was taught the skills for life by my parents. I was allowed to be a child, running in the fields by our home. If the weather was bad, I was taught handicrafts such as knitting and needlework or how to cook and bake. Mom did not put us in front of the television to keep us occupied. In fact the television only came on at night and we were only allowed to watch one program. I had a very creative, active, loving childhood.


I think a return to a lifestyle more like that would be extremely helpful for our families today. Why not set aside one night a week, turn off all those electronic devices and have a family craft night? You might be surprised how interacting with your children and spouse on this creative level can open the lines of communication. It can truly bring your family closer together. We may not be able to slow the pace of our lives all the time but giving it a shot once a week certainly can’t hurt, and our children will know how important they are in our lives because we are spending time with them.


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